How to Use a Double Stroller for Twins During Travel?

How to Use a Double Stroller for Twins During Travel

From the moment you suspect that you might be pregnant until the moment you are holding the baby in your arms, it can seem overwhelming for parents. When a parent confirms their pregnancy through an ultrasound appointment that it’s two bundles of joy in your tummy, you get excited immediately about your twin babies. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in a parent’s life. Taking care of twin babies is a hard task.

Twin baby essentials

Once you get to know that you are going to have a twin baby, you are likely to overwhelm with joy, anxiety, and excitement. But raising a twin baby is the toughest part than a single baby for a new parent. Being a parent of twin babies, handle your budget cautiously. Be judicious in your purchases.

If you are expecting twin babies, fear not mommy! While you may have to double up on certain items, there are plenty of things that your new ones should have no trouble sharing. You need not share certain items.

Stroller Crib
Bouncer Car seats
Baby monitor Towels
Diaper bag Bedsheets and blankets

Here we are going to mention the important features of a stroller for twins. Strollers play a vital role when you travel with your babies. We use the double stroller for twins. There are a few key points to select the best double stroller for travel. Let us see a short story of a double stroller and can move to other subtopics.

Story of double stroller

The date of the original double stroller is still unknown, but the device most likely came about in the late 19th century. When all the products specifically designed were becoming popular and more widely available in all the countries. Some initial models were essentially either extra-wide or extra-long single strollers and comprising two small benches.

According to references, double strollers for twins seem to have restricted to the leisure class. In 1913, an article that appeared in a local newspaper regarding a poor mother changed the usage of twin strollers for all classes of people. The later rapid population of babies gave rise to many baby products.

In 1948, a ‘double-dickered’ stroller came to a market in which two children sat one behind and above another rather than side by side. The inventors received patents for these devices. Later, by the 1950s, double strollers were widespread, but with few special improvements than the original ones. Nowadays there are various types of a double stroller. They also introduced triple seat strollers because of In vitro fertilization, where most of the mommies produce multiple babies.

How to Use a Double Stroller for Twins During Travel

Types of seating options in a double stroller

SIDE-BY-SIDE The twin babies sit next to each other Easier to handle and fits most of the trunks Harder to get through small doorways and narrow aisles
TANDEM OR INLINE One child sits behind another one. Easy to get through narrow aisles and small doorways Harder to fit into trunks, and it is going to be a great disadvantage when your child grows quickly.

Types of double stroller

UMBRELLA     (side-by-side type) It is the very weight-less, easily foldable, and best double stroller for travel It is not suitable for daily usage and because of its light feature, it won’t accommodate a preschooler
CONVERTIBLE (tandem type) You can convert it as per your preferences, and you can get plenty of uses out of it They are heavy and don’t fit into the trunk
JOGGER This type is highly durable, easy to push, and wheels give a smooth ride Highly expensive
All-terrain Great for cobblestones, hiking-trails, and rough surfaces Heavy and costly
All-purposes Budget-friendly offers more storage and durability rate is higher NIL

 How to pick a double stroller for travel?

Choosing the best double stroller for travel is a hard task. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the double stroller that you desire. We give some important features to consider while choosing a double stroller below:


The foremost and important factor for a double stroller is its width. Before purchasing, measure all the common spaces such as hallways, doorways, an elevator of your apartment, and often visiting places like hospitals, restaurants, and parks. So you can customize according to your measurements.


Life would have been different before your baby’s arrival. Malls, theme parks, and crowded areas are your go-to places means you can opt for an umbrella double stroller which provides you the flexibility in these places. These umbrella double strollers are highly durable, light, and easy to handle.

 Age recommendation

Considering the baby’s age, weight and height are important while purchasing a double stroller. Children can age out of a particular stroller, too. This is not because of their physical age. Instead, look at their height and weight. A taller cannot sit in a tandem stroller while he or she will be comfortable in the side-by-side double stroller. So select the best double stroller by exactly knowing your child’s height and weight.

Size of your trunk

Another important feature to consider with extra care. As you use the stroller for traveling, know your vehicle’s measurement. Double strollers are pricey, look up your folded double strollers’ dimensions and note down your trunk measurements to purchase the best double stroller for travel.

How to Use a Double Stroller for Twins During Travel

Bonus features

Every parent loves an additional feature in a baby product. The most necessary bonus feature is to look for storage in a double stroller. Extra storage underneath helps to fit certain items like baby clothes, toys, purse, and snacks.

Wheel material

It is important to concentrate on the wheel in a double stroller. Most of the double strollers are highly durable but still buy a replacement wheel in case of any fault arises.


A baby changes the lifestyle of a parent. They should choose baby products with extra care. Likewise, parents should be extra cautious in choosing the best double stroller for travel purposes.  As a new parent, don’t get exhausted and confused by seeing the suggestions. It’s purely your choice to choose the best double stroller for your twin babies. Enjoy parenthood.